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Päivitetty 11.4.2017

TTE-Funds website is about to be translated in english.
From this page you can found the main things about the Fund.

TTE-Fund supports visible activities that reach for the stars and make other people excited. The fund may grant financial aid for all AYY members and the association within it.

You can apply for grants from TTE-Fund in two ways: through the application rounds arranged approximately three times a year and through the continuous application period which is open during the academic terms. During the continuous application period, you can apply for the grants with the maximum of €2000, whereas the amount of project grants during the actual application rounds is not limited.

The continuous application period is open during the academic terms and the deadlines for application rounds of academic year 2017-2018 can be found below.
The grant can be applied for with an online form which is available at:

In the the application you need to…
…describe your project. Why is it worth the grant and what it gives to other students, people or community?
…tell us the full budget of your project.
…describe the project’s marketing and communication plan. How you are going to ensure that other will be aware of your project and how does TTE-Fund show within the project.

Deadlines for the application rounds of school year 2017-2018 are:
– Sunday 1 Oct 2017 at 11.59 pm
– Sunday 21 Jan 2018 at 11.59 pm
– Sunday 18 March 2018 at 11.59 pm

You’ll have the decicion about the grant within a month.

For recieving the grant you’ll have to make a report of your project for TTE-Fund.
The Fund does not mainly pay grants in advance.

The report must contain…
…description about how the project went.
…financial raport about the actual incomes and expences.
…pictures or video

TTE-Fund does not usually give grants for:
– Profit-making projects
– School projects
– Excursions
– Somebodys salary
– Keeping continuous operations rolling

If any questions, please contact us by email: tter (ät)

Also check out the facebook site at