TTE Fund


As exceptional social circumstances pose challenges to traditional student activities, TTER has considered it necessary to raise the grant limit of continuous applications to five thousand euros (2000€ -> 5000€) until the third application round closes on 27.9

In addition to previous application principles, the associations and communities in connection with AYY are still allowed to apply funding to cover financial losses caused by the actions related to the prevention of COVID-19 pandemic. The funding is focused for applicants to help to tolerate the sudden and significant financial losses threatening the normal activities of the association or community. The directorate has decreed that TTER will fund only already irrevocable expenses and losses that would drive associations or communities into financial difficulty. TTER will not fund expenses and losses of income happening in the near future, to which associations or communities have enough time to react to or cancel.

The applications should include at least the following information:

1) description of the (cancelled/postponed) event or project causing the financial losses

2) (informal) statement to justify the need for the grant

3) budget and outcome to support the statements 1 & 2

TTE Fund (TTER) is a fund established in 2006 that supports projects, events, acquisitions and other operations of Aalto University students and associations and communities operating in connection with AYY. The goal of TTE Fund is to support and stimulate student activities in the Aalto community in all their forms.

On this website, you can find instructions for applying for and collecting the grants as well as other information on the Fund.

You can find the forms for submitting an application and handing in your report here.

Awarded grants

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  • Meeting 2/2020
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